Sunday, February 5, 2012

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Life has been hectic lately! Friends birthdays', parties, boyfriend came home, etc., so I've been unable to blog these past few days. I finally switched to the iPhone last week and I'm addicted, so maybe that's another reason why I haven't blogged haha, I added an instagram widget on the right side of my page so you can stay updated with me by that as well, if you have one feel free to follow me!

I felt inspired to do another clothing collage, I got good feedback on my last one and I just wanna show my style more until I can get ahold of a better camera for style shoots. These collages are so fun to do anyway! This time I was aiming for a bohemian chic look, something you can wear to a park and a house party. An outfit you can be stylish and comfortable in, the best of both worlds.

I love denim I think it's always a nice touch to a casual outfit, whether it'd jeans, a jacket or in this case a top, which is a Soul Cal Deluxe Denim Boyfriend Shirt. There isn't a variety of necklaces that'd look good with a denim top so therefore I went with a Black Nicole Farhi scarf, and although this outfit would most likely be worn in the Spring/Summer, I chose black because its slimming, and the snood scarf would compliment your neck. Maxi skirts are in it to win it right now, there elegant, simple and gives off the illusion of long legs and what girl doesn't want that? I thought this Rachel Zoe Stretch Silk Long Skirt was a different choice of bottom then what most people would choose for a denim top. It's a beautiful soft pink and gives a little twist on this casual outfit. If you haven't realized, I'm obsessed with leopard print so of course to give this outfit some flava I threw on a Warehouse Leopard print hair belt, it makes both the top and bottom pop more and pulls it together. I'm a huge jewelry fan, I feel naked without it on! But just like everything else, there is such a thing as excess jewelry, which can sadly ruin an outfit that could've potentially been good. So I went with just a bracelet with this outfit, this Skulls and Studs bracelet matches both the scarf and the bag. It's simple and with the rolled up sleeves on the top, it won't be hard to miss. You can never go wrong with a brown leather bag, especially in the Spring/Summer, and frills are still alive and well so I went with a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Savannah bag, just to die for! Another amazing perk of wearing a maxi skirt is that almost every type of shoe can be worn with it (almost), I love the way maxi skirts flow so I figured these Margiela Seamed Boots would be perfect, the bootie style would be noticed when that maxi skirt gets some wind under it ;)!


  1. you've put together one CRAZY gorgeous outfit! Great Job, cool post!!