Thursday, January 26, 2012

1st Style Shoot

Not your average trip to Barnes And Noble with my good friend Karen ( We were set on getting good pictures but had a million elements against us that day it seemed, a decent camera, decent lighting, wind and an overly crowded Barnes and Noble randomly at 11am. But we ended up making out alright with a few really good pictures, her and I are both pretty damn happy. She's gonna be my photographer for the most part by the way! She's a gem, I love her.

I have a problem with over-dressing, I'll be the girl at a t-shirt release party in a dress. No literally, this has happened before. I know, shame on me! But as comfortable as some girls may be in Uggs or sweatpants and a tee is as comfortable as I am in a dress, tons of jewelry and sky high heels (despite my 5'11 height).

My necklace is Aldo, my studded bracelet and rings are F21 (besides my right hand ring, its H&M), my top is F21, my skirt is ASOS, leggings are H&M, jacket is American Apparel and boots are Sheplers. Everyone really is into the whole combat boot look but you can never go wrong with genuine leather cowboy boots! Every girl should have a pair, something you can rock in any weather.


  1. You look really nice i love your outfit especially the top & skirt the jacket is also very nice. Just came across your blog its eally cool & you've got a nice style!

    1. Thank you so much, appreciate it! Spread the word :)